Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Power of the Dark Crystal

There is a sequel to the The Dark Crystal coming soon. A really promising aspect of this project is who will be directing. Genndy Tartakovsky agreed to do it on two conditions: that the film would use live puppets as well as computer animation, and that Brian Froud would design the characters. The origianal film's cast was entirely created by Froud and were puppets. Tartakovsky is breathing integrity into this movie.

Recently Brian Henson said the following:
The Dark Crystal sequel has a little more information going on for it thus far. The title of the movie will be The Power of the Dark Crystal, and it will take place centuries after the first film. It will tell the story of a girl named Thurma, who is made of fire and lives at the center of the planet. The girl of fire needs to obtain a shard of the crystal in hopes of re-igniting the dying sun. You can click the image above for a description of the sequel from back when it was aiming for a 2008 release date.
I'm really looking forward to this movie.

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