Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Patrick Rothfuss Really Wants More Firefly

This blog assumes its reader is familiar with the late great sci-fi show Firefly and it's film sequel, Serenity. If that is already established then it's probably safe to assume the reader knows Nathan Fillion as the actor who played Captain Malcolm Reynolds in the show.

Recently Nathan Fillion said that if he won a lottery he'd use the money to start producing more Firefly programs. That's how much he loved working on the show.

Patrick Rothfuss isn't as well known as Firefly or Nathan Fillion. He is a newer author from Wisconsin who wrote a book called The Name of the Wind which was excellent and sold really well. He's releasing book 2 soon and it, too, will probably do very well. It seems likely that soon, Rothfuss will start to become a household name.

So with that in mind, check out his latest blog post...

An open letter to Nathan Fillion

Mr. Fillion,
First, I have to say that I admire your work. I’ve read many of your interviews and have come to respect you not only as a truly fine actor, but as an uncommonly intelligent human being.
But let’s get straight to the heart of the matter. It has come to my attention that in a recent interview, you said the following:
“If I got $300 million from the California Lottery, the first thing I would do is buy the rights to Firefly, make it on my own, and distribute it on the Internet.”
This struck a particular chord with me. As only a few months ago, I said very nearly the same thing. “If I ever get Steven King famous,” I said, “I’ll buy the rights to Firefly and give it to Joss Whedon as a birthday present.”
Here’s the deal. My second book is about to come out. My publisher tells me there’s a decent chance of us selling a truly ridiculous number of copies. If this happens, I will have more money than I’ll know what to do with.
Except that’s not exactly true. I know exactly what I’d like to do with that money. I’d like to help you buy the rights to Firefly back from Fox.
I’m only a fledgling author. But by a strange twist of fate, I happen to be a fledgling author who is also an international bestseller.
Left to my own devices, I will probably spend my royalty money useless bullshit. I will buy rare books and narwhal horns. If the book sells extremely well, I expect I’ll probably do something like buy an abandoned missile silo and convert it into my secret underground lair.
Clearly, this way lies madness.
Here is my thought. Alone, all we can do is dream wistful dreams of Firefly’s return. Together, we are a team. We can gather others to our cause. With 20 or 30 of the right people, we could pool our resources and make this shit happen.
You know where to find me.
Patrick Rothfuss
*     *     *
Those of you who don’t happen to be Nathan Fillion, there’s a new interview overhere. Rest assured, it’s spoiler-free.
On the same page, Paul Goat Allen gives The Wise Man’s Fear the best review I expect I will ever receive in my whole life. I’m serious. You’d think he wrote it after I pulled his children out of a burning building or something.
Or, if you’re in a listening mood, I’m on the Sword and Laser podcast with Veronica Belmont and Tom Merritt. We talk about Jim Butcher and Cylons, among other things.
Tour FAQ will be up soon. I’m working out the last few details.
I think this is real, very cool, and one big step to making Firefly/Serenity coming back a reality. You can't stop the signal.

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