Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Raiders of Adventure

A new Hollow Earth Expedition book came across the radar today. Raiders of Adventure appears to be a supplement for the French version of Hollow Earth Expedition. The publisher, Sans DeTour, offer a 13 page preview PDF full of art which looks pretty good.

Here's a link to the Sans Detour HEX page

The Exile Games forums provide a description of what the book will be about:

Generic articles about pulp adventures:
Serial Players (8 pages) presents the kind of serials, after a dozen to twenty episodes of 15 minutes, which is known as Flash Gordon. The plot is essentially an action and a cliffhanger of an episode to another.
Cliffhanger (6 pages) is devoted to this particular device which is to stop the episode at a time when at least one of the heroes is a very difficult situation, even in the case of Serials, in a situation where the viewer thinks death . It includes both a description of this mechanism but also advice on how to incorporate some role playing.
The Epic of Gilgamesh (1 page) for the second episode of this legend, a crossing endless depths of a mountain.
The Mysterious Ica Stones (4 pages) traces the history of stones representing the missing animals or modern scientific techniques, which have been engraved several millennia ago. There are more than serious doubts about their authenticity.
The story of Admiral Byrd (4 pages) is that of an explorer who flew an airplane poles, and wrote it had discovered a fertile world. Historical figure, he said he was held incommunicado by the military authorities.

Articles and aids that clean be played with Hollow Earth Expedition
The origins of the Hollow Earth (1 page) is a discussion on the myth of the hollow Earth and the various legends that populate the interior of the earth to hell or to other worlds.
Pellucidar (4 pages) is an extract of Tarzan at the Earth's Core, featuring a hollow earth.
The doors of the Hollow Earth (8 pages) discusses some of the 12 entries in the Hollow Earth: Easter Island, north and south poles, the Maëstrom, flaw in the Sahara, etc.
The cycles of time in Hollow Earth (10 pages) begins by explaining what regular natural phenomena can serve as an indicator of time in the Hollow Earth: cycle of growth and death of plants that have an effect on climate, cyclical journey of herds dinosaur, tidal influence, ... Then a few benchmarks are examined temporal companies, such as rites of passage or streaks of the shellfish.
The moonless sky (6 pages) examines the question of werewolves, and then presents an explanation of their presence, Hollow Earth, despite the absence of the moon in this world.

The Golems of Thule (16 pages) sees the characters during the filming of a serial, rush to the rescue of the heroine was kidnapped. They foil the plans of the Nazis to use a giant drill to destroy the cities they desire, and create an army of golems, which are a kind of organic exoskeletons which the heroine was expected to be the breeder.
The Mummy (18 pages) is an adventure in which the characters need, during an archaeological expedition, to join forces with Mexican warriors and their leader, an authentic mummy. This alliance is necessary to prevent another mummy, usurper, to awaken the god of war. They need this course to make a little trip to Hollow Earth.
Hired by his son found a missing adventurer seeking the source of eternal youth (10 pages), the characters must overtake competitors to move up a river in which they discover a fauna from the oldest to the most recent periods of history. Finding two abandoned cities with some texts engraved, they have to understand what happens before being captured and drained of their vital energy by the inhabitants of the third and final city.
3 Pulp Synopsis (8 pages) contains ideas developed adventure, with themes including a tree flowering occurs only every hundred years, the thirteenth tribe of Israel, or of Nazi scientific experiments to create giant
The ruler of Agartha (2 pages) is an excerpt from a book referring to Agartha, a subterranean kingdom.
In The Last King of Shambala (20 pages), the characters must thwart the plans of the Nazis who have appropriated the mines of King Solomon and the city of Shambala, a city that can travel through time. Such travel will also need to get to change the course of history and prevent the hegemony of the third reich.
Raiders of Adventure - China Sea 1937 (14 pages) changes from traditional enemy: it is not the Nazis but the Japanese who are the antagonists in a series of chases to retrieve the urns containing the ashes of Buddha. 
link to Exile Games forum

I do hope we see an English edition. Any HEX is good.
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