Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Leagues of Adventure

Plateau of the Ape Men & The Dragons of London
Triple Ace Games introduces a brand new line for the Ubiquity System. Leagues of Adventure is set in the Victorian age with some steam-punk elements included which is being referred to as steam-pulp.

At this point there is only one product released for Leagues of Adventure, it is an adventure that was published for the 2011 UK Games EXPO in a very limited run. The product will be (or was) available for a brief window of time on the Triple Ace Games website.

Triple Ace Games create produced the swashbuckling, Three Musketeer campaign setting- All For One for the Ubiquity system which has enjoyed a rapid release of products- usually one PDF a month.

They also have three products from their Daring Tales of Adventure converted from the Savage Worlds system to Ubiquity. It sounds like more from the original line will make it's way to Ubiquity. These naturally fit well with the original Ubiquity RPG- Hollow World Expedition.

Leagues of Adventure is a new product line, it isn't expected to see releases as frequently as All For One has, but there should be plenty of aspects to cover. It looks like it's going to be a very nice campaign setting.

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