Saturday, August 20, 2011

Legacy of the Terra Arcanum

Exile Game Studios quietly released another adventure. With all of the hype and media surrounding the 2011 GenCon, few noticed the PDF pop up on the usual online stores. Legacy of the Terra Arcanum was written by Mike Demchack.
After a famous historian is killed under suspicious circumstances, his fellow investigators must track down who did it and why.
The trail leads to Venice and a disturbing discovery: a long-forgotten Terra Arcanum vault containing secrets that may threaten the entire world!
The Legacy of the Terra Arcanum can fit into your ongoing Hollow Earth Expedition game or serve as a Venetian-sized stand-alone scenario. It features optional new supernatural powers and stats for additional vehicles and artifacts.
Legacy of the Terra Arcanum is available here.

Unfortunately it appears that this adventure does not yet have a color cover like the previous two adventures received (see those here!).

Which makes three official adventures (the other two being The Frozen City of Terror and Miracle Stone of the Amazon (or these two in a bundle).
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