Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mad Max 4 and 5

George Miller is still trying to make Mad Max 4 and 5! The problem he's having now is environmental. The world doesn't look apocalyptic enough, these days in Australia. They can't shoot a film that takes place in a barren wasteland while that wasteland is all a-bloom!

George Miller talks Mad Max 4 and 5

Louisa Mellor

In an interview promoting his latest film, Happy Feet Two, director George Miller talks about his plans for Mad Max 4: Fury Road and its sequel...

Published on Nov 22, 2011

After finally starting pre-production on a Mel Gibson-starring version ofMad Max 4: Fury Road in 2003, first, Iraq War related-security concerns scuppered Miller’s plans to film in Namibia. Next, Mel Gibson fell out of favour and out of the lead role. And finally, a third stumbling block arrived in the form of unprecedented rain in central Australia earlier this year.
If you were George Miller, you’d be forgiven for thinking that somebody up there didn’t want another Mad Max sequel to see the light of day.
Nothing if not tenacious, Miller and co are back, with not just one Mad Max film, but two in the pipeline. Due to start filming next year with Tom Hardy in the lead, we spoke to Miller about the challenges of Mad Max: Fury Road.
“We were meant to shoot at the beginning of this year. We’d built 150 big vehicles, we’d cast Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron and Nicholas Hoult and a whole bunch of other actors, and we were to shoot in the centre of Australia, where we shot Road Warrior, the second Mad Max film.
"Then we had unprecedented rain in the centre of Australia. For 75 years we hadn’t had such rain, and what was flat red desert is now a flower garden, and the great salt lakes in the centre that you can drive across for days almost are now full of pelicans and fish. It hasn’t dried up.
"Luckily, Warner Bros were doing both films, and they said, let’s put it off for a year to see if it dries up, and it hasn’t, so we’re going to Namibia next year.”
Miller confirmed he and a colleague have written “Two other Mad Max stories. One is completed, and one we’re still working on.” The Happy Feet Two director also confirmed he’d written another animation script “which doesn’t feature any penguins”.
 Save plagues of locusts and natural disasters then, Mad Max 4, which Miller is shooting in 3D, may finally arrive sometime in 2013.

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