Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Out of the Silent Planet

Out of the Silent Planet by Gibberish17
I've recently returned from Malacandra- meaning I read Out of the Silent Planet for the 3rd time. And once again my mind was blown.

The first time I read the series because it was C.S. Lewis and it was cool, but didn't make much sense other than a weird science fantasy. The second read found me more mature in my spiritual walk and I understood the point of the book. That was the first time the book blew my mind.

The most recent read was the most excellent.

There are so man levels of greatness to Out of the Silent Planet. Even just the title is full of wonder. The most fascinating things about it were the logistic data- the history of the Wars in Heaven. I loved how at the beginning of the rebellion there was a successful attack on Malacandra resulting in one entire race of the four sentient races falling and ultimately having to be destroyed by the Oyarsa (which is pretty much the Archangel who rules Mars). I loved how the Oyarsa interviewed the protagonist about the history of Earth. This is an apologetic/sci-fi version of the pre-history of Earth and it's surrounding cosmos.

Ransom meets a Hross by Agahnim
Between my last time through it and this time, I discovered Edgar Rice Burroughs' John Carter books. Burroughs' stories predated Lewis' by a couple of decades, this fact took some of the unique-ness of the Space Trilogy away for me. I have now shed that sentiment. To me, Lewis' Space Trilogy is far superior than most science fiction I've ever read.

One note I feel needs to be said. This book (and the series for the most part) is not science fiction. It is more accurately described as science fantasy. This series is far superior to Lewis' Narnia series, in my opinion.

Out of the Silent Planet by Avion

Malacandra by Alice Chan

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