Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Not too long after the finale of our beloved Spooks we hear about another BBC espionage series in the works. Nemesis has been brewing for a while now with some interesting production people behind it. Frank Spotnitz was one of the big names behind X-Files and MillenniuM (oh, how I loved MillenniuM), he met with Stephen Garrett and Jane Featherstone, the people behind Kudos Film and Television- who made Spooks. The leading role given to Melissa George. Here's the description from Wikipedia:
Melissa George stars as Samantha, an espionage operative for a private intelligence agency. After an attempt on her life she realizes that it probably had been orchestrated by members of her own squad. After recovering and back in active duty, she must perform her secret missions without knowing who to trust and who wants her dead.

Reported from Double O Section:
More Details On Melissa George's BBC Spy Series, Nemesis
The BBC has revealed more details about Nemesis, their new Melissa George spy series from Kudos (Spooks/MI-5) and Frank Spotnitz (producer of the American version of Strike Back) that we first heard about last fall. The 8-part series, which will air on BBC One in Britain and Cinemax in America, stars George as Sam, a top operative for an elite private intelligence contractor who learns that someone on her team wants her dead, but doesn't know who or why. Other cast members include Adam Rayner (Undercovers), Stephen Dillane (Spy Game), Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Killer Elite, Strike Back), Lex Shrapnel (Captain America: The First Avenger), Uriel Emil (The Bourne Ultimatum), Patrick Malahide (The World Is Not Enough, The Long Kiss Goodnight) and Stephen Campbell Moore (The Bank Job, Johnny English Reborn). Location filming will take place in Scotland, London and Morocco. The usual Bourne comparisons are thrown around by the Beeb ("a complex and mysterious Bourne-style female spy unlike anyone we've seen on TV before"), but the such shorthand probably does the series a disservice. Spotnitz promises "huge story twists and turns, and intriguing characters who are both emotionally and morally complex." It sounds like a bit of a combination of Strike Back and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and if Spotnitz pulls that off, I'll be very pleased!
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