Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Blake's 7 reboot

to US network? Not sure I like that.

Green Lantern Director To Reboot 'Blake's 7' For TV

Martin Campbell and screenwriter Joe Pokaski will spearhead a revival of the classic British sci-fi series.
By Blair MarnellJuly 23, 2012
Back in 2005, BBC successfully revived the classic British sci-fi series "Doctor Who" and introduced it to a new generation of fans. Now it may be time for "Blake's 7" to finally get its due.

According to Deadline, the long rumored "Blake's 7" reboot is once again alive with Green Lanternand Casino Royale director Martin Cambell and "Heroes" screenwriter Joe Pokaski attached to the project. Leon Clarance and Marc Rosen's Georgeville Television will produce the "Blake's 7" revival and shop it around to U.S. networks.

While "Blake's 7" is no longer widely known in the United States, it is considered a forerunner of series like "Babylon 5," "Farscape" and "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" that featured multi-episode story arcs and darker characters.

The original "Blake's 7" was created by Terry Nation (who also created the Daleks for "Doctor Who") and it ran for four seasons from 1978 to 1981 on BBC. "Blake's 7" centered on a political dissident named Roj Blake (Gareth Thomas), who was tried and convicted on false charges by a tyrannical Terran Federation and deported from Earth to a prison planet. Blake soon escaped alongside some of his fellow prisoners and he gathered additional allies to lead an insurgency against the Federation.

"Blake's 7" is also infamous for ending on a massive cliffhanger with several major characters either dead or facing an uncertain fate as their enemies surrounded them. There have been several attempts to reboot the series over the years, most recently by the British network Sky1; which abandoned a planned "Blake's 7" project in 2010.


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