Sunday, July 8, 2012

d20 Modern Polyhedron Mini Games

From January, 2002 to September, 2003 Polyhedron magazine published Mini Games for the d20 Modern system. By issue:
  • 149 Pulp Heroes (d20, pulp adventure in the 20s and 30s) (Dungeon 91). 
  • 150 Shadow Chasers (d20, pre-cursor to the Shadow Chasers material in the d20 Modern core book) (Dungeon 92). 
  • 151 Spelljammer (d20, swashbuckling space fantasy) (Dungeon 93). 
  • 152 Thunderball Rally (d20, muscle car racing adventures across America) (Dungeon 94). 
  • 153 Omega World (d20, Gamma World mini-game). Also, an additional page of rules for Thunderball Rally (Dungeon 95). 
  • 154 Mecha Crusade (d20 Modern, giant robot sci-fi) (Dungeon 96). 
  • 155 Gene Tech (d20 Modern, Biopunk sci-fi) (Dungeon 97).  
  • 156 V for Victory (d20, World War II combat) (Dungeon 98). 
  • 158 Hi-Jinx (d20, Bands trying to make it big, adventures ensue) (Dungeon 99).  
  • 159 Knights of the Lich-Queen (d20, Githyanki warriors campaign) (Dungeon 100). 
  • 160 Iron Lords of Jupiter (d20 Modern, interplanetary swashbuckling sci-fi) (Dungeon 101). 
  • 161 Pulp Heroes (d20 Modern, update of first mini-game). Also, additional Iron Lords of Jupiter material (Dungeon 102).

The d20 Modern system was a roleplaying game taking the third edition of the Dungeon & Dragons rules and using them in modern day or future settings rather than the standard fantasy setting. Replacing fantasy character classes (like Wizards, Barbarians and Clerics, etc) with character classes that were based on the six character attributes (Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma).

There were some published toolkits for the game- Past, Future, etc. And there was one official campaign setting where fantasy creatures and races were here among the mundane modern world- Urban Arcana. The game is out of print, now, abandoned by Wizards of the Coast sometime before D&D 4th Edition came out.

Third party support seems to have always been strong and even recently PDFs are being released.

Polyhedron Magazine originally was a publication in 1981 for the RPGA (Roleplaying Gamers Association). When Paizo acquired the rights, they merged Polyhedron with Dungeon magazine for the d20 system. Starting with Dungeon 90 and Polyhedron 149 the two continued with a duel numbering system. The focus of Polyhedron was no longer covering RPGA, instead each issue presented the above mentioned mini-games which were unique settings using the d20 system, mostly d20 Modern. Some of the elements of some of the settings appeared in the supplements for the d20 Modern books.
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