Sunday, November 18, 2012

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Fantasy Flight Games announced the newest Star Wars RPG at GenCon 2012, releasing the Beta version. Only recently have I started to dig into the book (which I aquired by attending the FFG seminar, thank you, Tod!). Fascinating rules.

The Beta phase is closing and the first official product is about to be released. This starts with The Beginner Box.

Sometimes the Datapoint description is a great way to get the gist of an unfamiliar system. The dice-pool system is definitely unique, requiring special d6, d8, and d12.

I'm feeling somewhat nostalgic about the game just from the fact that it's Star Wars. Also that it is entirely set in the Classic era. And that it uses a dice-pool game mechanic system. Although, much different than the WEG d6 version, and totally not compatible. That RPG was one of the very first games I ever got into, making this one feel familiar at the same time as new.

There has been no news about how the new Disney acquisition might effect Fantasy Flight's future releases of the game. Similar to how HBO's live action Game of Thrones television series has immensly benefited FFG, I hope the Disney Star Wars future, too, will help FFG.

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