Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Black Panther

What's your favorite super hero?

Mine is the Black Panther.

I stumbled upon Christopher Priest's run towards the end of it several years ago and immediately fell in love. I had forgotten until recently that BET was producing an animated version. I recently sought it out and discovered that it was really good! This animated series (only 6 episodes) featured many of the elements from Priest's comic. Enjoy...

 A general synopsis of the Black Panther is this. He is not a super hero. He is the king of the world's most advanced technological nation. Wakanda. Located in central Africa, the small nation has never been invaded by any other army. It holds tons of natural resources, such as oil, etc, that it never needs to even touch. It's main resource is Vibranium which is extremely rare and powers much of Wakanda's advanced tech.

T'Challa is the birth-right king. The Black Panther is Wakanda's deity and the costume is the king's ceremonial dress or uniform.

The comic was full of humor, politics, religion, Storm, as well as fantastic art.

The next volume wasn't nearly as good as Priest's.

Watch or read Black Panther. It's one of Marvel's best.

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