Friday, October 10, 2014

Star Wars Roleplaying Game Revised, Expanded, and Updated (d6)

The old classic West End Games Star Wars RPG was the first for many. It was a terrifically well done and strong line that had immense influence on the Star Wars continuity. Even after the recent Disney purge, some of it's influence made the cut. West End Games made two versions and one expanded version of the main rules.

When West End Games lost the license to make more Wizards of the Coast d20-ed the game. For three versions, they had their way. And then they lost it.

And now Fantasy Flight Games is making a pretty good line of product with absolutely beautiful books.

But where's the love for the good old original?

It is out there. And its taking the form of a few big ways.

First there is a new version of the d6 game in production. This is going to be the Star Wars RPG Third Edition with much of the expanded rules that were introduced in many of the supplements. It is totally fan-made. A labor of love, indeed. The progress of this project can be monitored through the blog they've set up. Found here.

Just recently announced, a new fan-made magazine is launching! Wild Space Magazine is going to be coming out and supporting Star Wars D6 RPGs (new and old) in the tradition of the Adventure Journals from WEG. I present the open letter posted last month:
Star Wars D6 fans;
Consider this an open letter. Myself with a talented staff have begun work on what we’re calling Wild Space Magazine, and we need your help. If you’re an aspiring writer, an artist looking for a place to showcase Star Wars-related work, or a GM with stat blocks galore, we want you! 
Wild Space Magazine is a publication similar to the AdventureJournals of the past. Each issue will have a theme that we’ll follow in general, a “mailbag” segment in which we address letters/emails to the editor, a mechanics section, an adventure section, then a story section. 
The staff and I are incredibly excited to see where this venture will take us, and we’re doubly excited to see what you can send us. We are shooting for Issue One to be released in December, with the first theme being Life Day. 
Please address all comments/submissions/Jawas to .
Thank You,
Daniel Stull
Wild Space Magazine
Another fan support the D6 Star Wars line is benefiting from is a Podcast dedicated to nothing but the West End Game products and fan made products and projects. Find the podcast episodes here - Shooting Womprats.

Finally, fandom continues on with one of the most popular websites that supports the WEG Star Wars RPG- The Rancor Pit. Forums, downloads, GM and player resources- this is the hub for the old game.

As you can see, it is an exciting time for fans of the original Star Wars RPG.

May the force be with you...

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