Thursday, August 13, 2015

#RPGaDay2015 Day 13: Favourite Podcast

Happy Jack's RPG Podcast is my favorite.

I'm pretty sure I accidentally discovered it by searching for RPG forums. It was the forums set up for the different game systems that landed me here. Was a long time lurking and posting before I finally gave the podcast a shot. Been hooked ever since.

When I'm  waiting for new episodes of any of the podcasts I subscribe to, I have been slowly working my way through their backlog. So I am up to date/current (from about two years ago) AND on Season 2 episode 13 at the time of this posting.

It's been lately that I've started participating with the live broadcast and chat room, when family events allow.

Actually, it was during the live show and discussing Kickstarter that I mentioned Patreon in the chat room which prompted live discussion about that. It was then that many of us discovered that Happy Jacks has a Patreon. And I now am a supporter! There were a total of 2 that day. Today there are ten!

and Fear the Boot

I'm still relatively new to any podcasts. I think I discovered Fear the Boot when Happy Jack's douche bags appeared on as guests or visa versa. Been pretty hooked on this one as well.

I can tell this is not first choice because I have no desire to do the backlog. Loyally subscribed into the future, however.

lately, been loving One Shot and Campaign Podcast other podcast has made me laugh out loud as frequently as this one does. I am so very hooked on Campaign it isn't even funny. I love that show.

One Shot is good, too. But is is several seats behind Campaign for me.

This group is so entertaining that this is another project that I support in Patreon.

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