Saturday, July 23, 2016

new Star Trek RPG!

Its about time!

Starfleet Academy Intake 2016 Launches August 4 at Gen Con with Living Campaign Playtest Registration, Free Capt. Kirk and Picard Miniatures
LONDON, ENGLAND (July 21, 2016): Modiphius Entertainment, publisher of the Achtung! Cthulhu, Mutant Chronicles, Conan, Infinity and John Carter of Mars roleplaying games, is excited to announce today the development of Star Trek Adventures, the first new official Star Trek roleplaying game to be produced in more than a decade. The news comes as Star Trek fans worldwide celebrate Star Trek’s 50th anniversary in 2016.
Fans of the legendary Star Trek television series’ and films will not only boldly go to the final frontier, but they will shape the voyages and missions through the Star Trek Adventures living campaign playtest. Each player will experience the game differently based on the ship they are assigned to and attendees of Gen Con will have the exclusive North American opportunity to choose their ship, as well as claim a free Captain Kirk or Captain Picard miniature, while supplies last, when they register for the playtest. Registration will take place daily at the Modiphius booth #2737 in the Gen Con exhibit hall August 4 – 7, 2016.
Additional sign-ups will launch online from late August at and fans in Europe will have their chance to claim Kirk or Picard at the Modiphius booth at Essen-Spiel in Germany in October and at Dragonmeet in the UK in December. The living campaign playtest will launch in the fall.
“Since I was a kid I dreamed of sitting in the captain’s chair and boldly going on my own voyages,” says Modiphius Entertainment’s publishing director Chris Birch. “With Star Trek Adventures we can all explore our own stories in the worlds of Captain Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway, Archer and many others.”
Star Trek Adventures will use the Modiphius 2d20 game system (Mutant ChroniclesInfinityConanJohn Carter of Mars) designed by Jay Little (Star Wars: Edge of the EmpireX-Wing Miniatures Game). Modiphius is also sculpting an accompanying Star Trek miniature figure line, the first to be produced in 17 years. Resin and metal 32mm-scale hobby figures will feature classic Star Trek characters and crews, boarding parties and away teams. Geomorphic tile maps of burning Federation ships, mysterious colonies and embattled Klingon cruisers will set the scene for dramatic new voyages in the Final Frontier.
Under license by CBS Consumer Products, Star Trek Adventures is slated for a Summer 2017 release and the playtest crews will be listed in the Star Trek Adventures book manifest. Sign up for Starfleet now at


Monday, July 18, 2016

Magik, Illyana Rasputina cosplay

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Star Wars: The Weight of Forgiveness - The Birth of a Jedi

This is the most amazing fan film I have ever seen. Watch it as big as you can, as loud as you can!


"The Weight of Forgiveness" is a very original Italian short film. Although it refers to the universe of Star Wars using lightsabers, it has plenty of symbolic references and has a narrative autonomy that makes this movie readable and interpretable under different points of view -psychological, religious, pacifist, ecologists-.
The movie is full of realistic fights, actually more fought than acted -they are not choreographies, but real duels fought according to formalized combat styles-, by two of the major Italian experts of the Lightsaber’s Discipline, Eugenio Di Fraia and Andrea Iannini. They are also the directors, authors and special-effects editors of the movie. 

The Weight of forgiveness has been chosen by Cinema Arcadia di Melzo -one of the biggest and most technological advanced movie theatre all over the world- has one of the support events -from 16th to 20th December 2015- of the launch of latest SW’s episode “The Force Awakens

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Othello Destiny Point Tokens

Fantasy Flight Games might be producing the highest quality books in the hobby these days. They are the nicest books on my shelf, at any rate. The one thing that I didn't care for with the Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, and Force and Destiny games is the design on the Destiny Point tokens included with the Beginner Games and the Dice sets for all three. I had it in mind to find Othello chips to replace them because they nicely match the Force Dice pips. I finally went ahead and found some.

Any level of research on ebay or where ever will reveal that there are several designs and some variance of sizes from Othello. The style I settled on (as kind of scene from my amateur photography) has a smooth indent on both sides.

The other style I considered was more of a flat chip and a small divot in the middle on both sides, that was an interesting design I hadn't ever seen before. But I felt the gradual indentation matched the dice better.

Another design that I considered was one where it was a flat chip on both sides. I wasn't able to find the amount of chips/tokens for the right price in that style and I thought a little bit of design feature might be more interesting.

One design that I avoided was where the white side was flat, but the black side had a ridged indentation. So they were not the same on both sides.

All of these were available in variant costs and variant amounts.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Star Wars Rebels - Spark of Rebellion print on demand via Lulu

Star Wars Rebels Season 1 Sourcebook- Spark of Rebellion, is an amazing and wonderful piece of fandom. Labor of love. I just wished it were an official FFG book so I could behold it in my hands. With our marvelous age of DIY and POD, I can! And I did. Here are some of the results and lessens learned...

I went through the process of creating the personal book through Lulu's website and was careful not to publish it publicly. This personal copy was the objective. I do not intend to share the project as an item one can order online, I did want to share the results to help anyone else who might be thinking of creating a physical copy of this PDF.

Going through Lulu's book creation process is pretty clear and it is good to have the solid physical result in my hands. Future projects will be much easier to plan for and knowing what to expect and look for because of this trial.

Since this book was created to look and feel like the superb products published by Fantasy Flight Games, I will use them as comparison points.

The quality of the book is quite high. The hard cover is solid. The colors came across clearly, if maybe a little too dark. The Lulu cover is glossier and smoother to the touch than the FFG covers. The spine feels narrower than the thickness of the book, which is interesting. If I were to have several copies on a shelf, it would seem that there would be gaps between the spines. The FFG books line up with each other smartly and attractively. There appears to be a crease in the laminate along the corner of the cover and the spine that has developed with very little use. None of these are huge problems, but they are details that some might find noteworthy. 

A note about the cover image. I used a screen cap of the PDF cover for this book's cover. That might account for the color being a tiny bit dark. But what I do now know is that it should have been shrunk down to make more margin. The image as is ended up being too small and the final result is the book cover, a little too zoomed in. The edges disappear around the edge of the book cover. This was the biggest lesson learned in the project. I know how to avoid it next time.

The Lulu pages are quite similar to the FFG products. There is a difference which I find hard to describe. The Lulu pages feel a tad more... plastic.

The other problems with the book are with the PDF layout itself. I don't want to criticize the creators of this book, because it is a wonderful labor of love. But I do have to point out that more thought needs to be put into page layout. The look of Spark of Rebellion is almost perfectly spot on. It is truly amazing what they did. The problem is with page numbering consistency. In any published book, when the book is open before you, the page by your left hand will always be an even page number. The page by your right hand will have an odd page number. This PDF changes the page numbering in mid book. As a result  the iconic starship in the corner with the page number sometimes appears down in the middle by the spine. Later on the book corrects itself. And then further in, it is once again in the middle. This is not for the OCD! 

It starts off ok. The first page number we see is page 5 on the left. The YT-1300 image is in the correct corner. Any other FFG book would start with an even number on the left, but that's ok. It remains fine until page 12. Here the YT-1300 moves towards the center of the book. All of the page numbers live near the spine until we get to page 45. Here it appears to correct itself again until page 88. For the few remaining pages its back to incorrect.

Other than my slight failure with the cover and the PDF's numbering problems, this Lulu printing of Spark of Rebellion is quite satisfactory!