Wednesday, December 31, 2008

HollyWillis on DeviantArt

We had Secret Santa with our family this year for the fun of it and to cut down the cost of the holidays- our gifts were to be something made. My pick was my mom, Holly Willis. For her gift I gave her a GMail account and set her up on, also providing her with a basic user's manual for the accounts.

She has given me some art over the years and what I have here I posted on her art gallery. This evening we posted some of her more recent work online. As we were posting her art, some people started marking her paintings as their favorites and sending her messages. Mom was thrilled about this as this demonstrated the potential for networking and just getting your art out to people who appreciate it. It was fun to see her reaction.

Here is a link to her gallery

Saturday, December 27, 2008


We don't watch TV. Well, sort of. We do watch programs that have been downloaded and watch them right off the computer. Why not? No commercials, 16x9 presentation, not quite HD, but cleaner than what would be broadcast over the air... And the shows... We pretty much watch BBC. Doctor Who, [ spooks ], and now Survivors (we do watch LOST, but that's not currently on).

Survivors is a re-imaging of a show that was on BBC in the 1970s about a breakout epidemic that wipes out 90 some % of the Earth's population. The show is about those who are left alive and how they deal with the lack of society. We've seen 3 episodes and so far it is fantastic.

According to Wiki there will be a 2nd season. The original series lasted three seasons. Its a great show.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Willis East Posting Board

As an attempt to kickstart this blog back into gear, I'm going to promote another blog. The other one is focused on the children of Willis East. Cara and I are the main contributors so far. Since that blog has such a defined focus, this blog will become (or return to, rather) an outlet for my geeky interests and general observations about this strange world I live in.

So here's the link to the other blog...

The Willis East Posting Board

Its coming along well and it has been fun recording all the things Jack discovers everyday.

Its been a while since I've posted regularly here. A lot has been going on. My role at Monarch Bus Services has changed to where I'm now a trainer. My schedule is all over the place as I don't usually drive the same route anymore. I'm more of a stand-by driver when not training. So in anticipation of having days with downtime we saved up (during the early part of the school year, when we were overworked due to all the training going on, resulting in some extra cashflow) and I got a new laptop or notebook, but technically a netbook. What I'm using now is an ASUS EEE PC. And the model I chose runs on Linux instead of Windows.

It also turns out that I'll be working through the break. That's kind of nice and kind of not, too.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I was hoping to pick up Clandestine #5 (of 5) today because its by Alan Davis and its great. But either the Source didn't get any or it sold out already. There was supposedly a new Indiana Jones comic out today that didn't get shipped. So the only comic I was expecting was Captain Britain and the MI-13 #2. This series started off in the middle of the Marvel Secret Invasion. Its been great so far. For me, Marvel + the UK = goodnes (ala Excalibur). Since I only had one comic in my hand I check out a couple of back issues. I picked up the IDW Doctor Who #1 and White Tiger #1. Haven't read either one yet.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Oban Star Racers and [ spooks ]

After dinner Leesha and I watched another episode of Oban Star Racer. We're coming up on the last five or so episodes. Oban is top notch quality. After the kids were put down Cara and I watched an episode of Spooks or in America its known as MI-5. We're watching downloads directly from the BBC so its Spooks for us. Spooks is far more realistic than James Bond, but it is really the same sort of genre. Bond is an agent of MI-6 where this show is about the MI-5. 6 is to America's CIA as 5 is to America's FBI. One agency covers the globe (MI-6) and the other covers domestic espionage (MI-5). Definitely not a dumbed down show. Not as raw and real as Sandbaggers was, but still fantastic.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Day II of Garage Sale, the Doctor and Hiromi

We watched the latest episode of Doctor Who! Not sure when it airs in the UK, but early evening on Saturday the latest episode appears available for download. This show is fresh. They just watched it over there. I was really into LOST earlier this year. LOST's finale was underwhelming, but I almost can't wait another week to see just the next episode of Doctor Who. I'm in love with this series.

Tonight's episode was part 2 of a two parter done by Steve Moffat or something like that. The reason its worthy of mention is that the episodes he writes are usually the season's best ones. Turns out the guy who is executive producing Doctor Who currently is not doing that next year and after. This writer, Steve Moffat or what ever is. The bad part of it is there won't be a Doctor Who season in 2009. I guess there'll be a special or something and then the show returns in 2010.

I've been listening to a new musician, lately. Hiromi Uehara is my new favorite. This evening I created a makeshift micro channel of her live performances off of Youtube. I invite you to see how wonderful Hiromi's music is. Please visit the forum thread here. Not only is she wonderful to listen to, she is fun to watch. This girl is really into her music.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Catching Up

I read another Edgar Rice Burroughs book, At the Earth's Core. Burroughs is fantastic. These books I've been reading have all been fantastically pulpy. Having finished that one, I was on the search for a different author from the pulp era. Kirby O'Donnell or El Borak are some pulp characters by Robert E. Howard that I'm trying to find, but the books are either unavailable or expensive. But it turns out that my friend, Rob, has ALL of Howard's books and he's going to lend them to me. In the meantime I'm reading Burroughs' 2nd Mars book, Gods of Mars.

Leesha and I finished the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon. It was fun, and I'm glad we watched it. I saw maybe two episodes back when I was on the air. We took a break for a while because she got into a website based on a toy. She bought a stuffed animal dog or something and in the packaging was a code for their website. She takes this code and logs on and there is the virtual version of her stuffed dog. She can name it, play with it, send it on jobs, and do all sorts of games and things with this online character. We discovered that if she doesn't put it in his bed before she logs off the site, the dog gets sick! And the next time she logs on she has to nurse him back to health. Its pretty cool. We recently started a new series called L/R or Licensed by Royal which is a light hearted espionage anime. I've seen it before a few years ago, but watching it now, I had forgotten how good it was.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Read Read Read

I took a break from real reading for a bit and re-read the current Checkmate run from DC comics by Greg Rucka. This is such a good book, all 22 issues so far. It ties in nicely with another DC title that recently returned, Suicide Squad. Also an excellent read, though only 5 issues into its limited run.

Upon completing all the said issues, I picked up the next Tarzan novel, The Return of Tarzan. I'm thoroughly enjoying Edgar Rice Burroughs' work.

We were supposed to game today, but gaming was canceled due to Robert being very very sick. Planning on me being gone today, Cara sat for the Browns as they went to a funeral, Timmy and Suzanna came to our house. I was able to get away and go spend some of my allowance on Half Price Books comics. I found a bunch of Warlord comics for cheap. These gems are from the '70s and are heavily based on Burroughs' Pellucidar series.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

LOST again

Cara and I finally got to watch it on tonight. Solid return. Its interesting that all the 'flashbacks' take place in the future, now. This episode , The Beginning of the End, didn't answer any questions.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


We saw a fantastic movie last night - BRICK! This is pure film noir all the way through. Some have described Brick as a cross between The Breakfast Club and Maltese Falcon. This is one of those movies that you feel lucky to find. I read about it on Wiki and asked Leesha's dad to NetFlick it and then burn a copy for me, which he did. So now I own this gem. I'm glad, too, because this one will be watched again.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Game Geeks

I met a geek at the Source.

Wednesday is New Comic Book Day every week. So I went to the Source today. Found my comics. Wondered on to the back of the store just to see what game books came out this week. Then I saw someone I recognized. I thought I've seen him on the internet. He looks just like that guy that reviews role playing games on Youtube. So I asked him,

"Are you Kurt Wiegle?"
"I am", he replied.
"I'm a fan of your show!"

and we shook hands.

Then five guys (who were in his group) surrounded me and one of 'em said, "Kurt, we found your one fan!". It was pretty cool. I had no idea he was from around here, turns out he lives in Eau Claire, WI! He recognized my screen name, too. Said they were on their field trip to the Twin Cities.

Kurt is the host of a show called Game Geeks that airs on Youtube almost weekly. They've covered many different RPGs and his reviews are pretty good. Check it out - Game Geeks


Anyways, I finished that Double Agent book almost a week ago. The 2nd one was better than the first book, more epic like a Bond film. Ever since, I've been reading Challengers of the Unknown which is a book based on a DC Comics series from an attempt to make some of their titles more mainstream in 1977.

Its a strange book and I'm not enjoying it a ton, but i'm pushing through it anyways since its short.

Last Saturday was fantastic. I took my change bowl to the bank and exchanged it for cash. Then dragged Cara, Jack and I to a few Half Price Books stores and picked up a bunch of cheap comics- some G.I. Joe, Doc Savage, Indiana Jones and one issue of Challengers of the Unknown!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Jack in a Box on Deviant Art

Jack's Halloween costume picture was featured in a 2007 children's pictures articles on Deviant Art. Here is a link to that article.
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