Monday, June 22, 2009

American Animation

There are two shows in particular that I have come to enjoy imensly. They are Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Venture Bros. Both of them are shows that I have been aware of for a very long time and avoided. With Avatar I dismissed it as a newer rippoff of something like Dragonball Z which there seems to be countless knock-offs all riding on the 'ninjas are cool' factor. On the surface Avatar: The Last Airbender looks just like that. Oh, but it isn't.

I can and often do get obsessed with... settings, if you will. It's something that I have always been into since my brother and I started creating our own worlds with our action figures. So I have a subconience litmus test for settings. They could be from shows and movies to games or comics or books. There has to be a level of believability in the setting or I will dismiss it-  a harsh judgement and I never look back. But if the test is sound- I will immerse myself in it sometimes for weeks if not months.
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