Saturday, September 26, 2009

Basic Roleplaying

My latest RPG obsession is Chaosium's Basic Roleplaying game system. I believe I played in two games years ago using the system. Both were Call of Cthulhu one shots and both are two of the most memorable games I have ever played in.

Since Chaosium released the core book I've been wanting to read it. It never came to be for various reasons like other gaming obsessions (Top Secret/S.I., Savage Worlds, or True20), etc. My latest thing with Top Secret/S.I. taught me that I am naturally drawn to game mechanics based on % roles. I came to the end of what was available for that system and was forced to look elsewhere. That put BRP back on my radar.

What secured the sale for me was finding in my research that ElfQuest was licensed using the BRP system. ElfQuest is one of these old comics that I always wanted to read back when it was out but never did. Now I'm finding how great it was through the old back issues in the cheap bins- but that's for another time.

I seem to be forever looking for a game system to use with Leesha (my step-daughter) that would hold my interest, is relatively well supported on the internet, easy to learn and teach.
She as said on more than one occasion that she liked the Top Secret/S.I. system from the one time we played it. She has some experience with D&D and True20, but prefers the d%, as do I. Perhaps the ElfQuest setting will be perfect all around for both of us.
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