Saturday, September 26, 2009

Indy Comics

Lately some of my favorite comics have been independent titles found at If I remember correctly, I was on a Jonny Quest/Venture Bros. kick and was nearing completing the JQ comic series back issues and was looking for more. Searching around lead me to a comic entitled Rob Hanes Adventures. is one of the distributors for Rob Hanes Adventures. The site lead me to a few other wonderful titles. Native Drums, Aym Geronimo, Mysterious Adventures for example.

Fortune may be on my side because almost every single issue I've ordered from IndyPlanet is great. There is a lot on that site that seems like crap and I'm careful to avoid those. Native Drums was kind of a neat find because I follow the artist on the art community website, Deviant Art. They were very thankful to hear that I purchased the comic.

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