Monday, January 18, 2010


I've rediscovered a web community I used to frequent long ago, Post Apocalyptic Media dot com. Poking around there I discovered a web comic I had never heard about. Freakangels. This is a weekly comic written by Warren Ellis and art by Paul Duffield. Obviously, it is a post apocalyptic setting with a lot of elements of Heroes or BBC's Misfits. It reminded me a lot of Umbrella Academy.

The general plot is set in London after a major event has devastated England and the city is flooded. We have a group of young survivors with super powers of the mind who have formed a clan or gang called the Freakangels. They watch over and defend Whitechapel and the small group of people who reside there. Through the inter-relationships and events we discover the mysterious events that lead to the current state of the world.

The production quality is unusually high for a web comic. The series is published in trade paperback, but the whole story so far is available online for free. I usually try to avoid Ellis and what I have read of his was great. He's just too gory or dark for me. My bias for the genre was why I pressed on with it. Freakangels has a slow start and its hard to follow the larger cast at first. By the 2nd book the story became really interesting. While there is more gore than there needs to be, there isn't a lot of sex. I could easily see this as a BBC drama.

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