Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Warlord

The Warlord is a comic that I had been curious about for as long as I can remember seeing it on the shelves as a kid and seeing the action figures at our local Ben Franklin's. It wasn't until February 2008 that I really looked under the cover to discover the wonderful world Mike Grell created. Sure, I tried the failed relaunch/re-imaging DC tried to do just before (which was so bad that I don't even have them in my collection any more). For the last two years I've been diligently picking through clearance bins and back issue shelves in search of this treasure that it seems others discard as trash so easily. There are only 31 comics of the 133 issues left to found for the first volume. And now we're 12 issues into Grell's real relaunch of the Warlord story wrapping up the first major story arc. Carefully trying to avoid any spoilers here, it also is a very significant issue taking the series as a whole in a very new direction. I salute Mike Grell for successfully bringing Warlord back with so much care and I am very anxious to see where the it goes from here. It's very good to be a comic geek these days.

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