Sunday, April 4, 2010

Doctor Who

I was sold. I think I'm already on board with this new Doctor. He seems as crazy as Colin Baker's was coming out of the regeneration, but he has a confidence stronger than ever. That confidence seems to have been growing in each generation. I remember Peter Davison's Doctor was almost weak and insecure at times. I don't see that here.

Amy Pond is a darling. I see some of the Girl in the Fireplace in her with the Doctor popping in and out of her life. And some of Donna Noble, too, with her packing and waiting for him. She's getting married. My wife called it the moment Amy said "Could we be back by tomorrow morning?" This whole season may take place in one night on Earth. 

I really like the 'horror' feel for at least this episode and I hope for the season. I hope it turns out as cool as the preview looked. I also hope we see that spaceship commander from the Library episode who knew the Doctor but with a different face and the Doctor hadn't met her yet. Remember that? The TARDIS was a bit disappointing. They could've come up with something totally new and different. I do like the new intro and logo. I think that was an improvement.

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