Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Dark Tower

Long ago I read King's The Stand and it remains my favorite fiction.  I didn't want it to end and it felt like it might not, it was so long.  Then I discovered that it's antagonist made significant appearances in the Dark Tower series. This is what initially motivated me to read the Dark Tower.

Today I finally made it to the top of that Dark Tower. Or, that is to say I finished the series.

It took me about five years to do so and naturally I fell in love with the characters; Roland, Jake, Eddie, and Susannah (and don't forget Oy).  In many ways each character was like-able in only the way you like a friend who you have to be friends with.  I found each character hard to like (with the exception of Jake and Oy).  But, as stated above, I love each of them dearly. 

While I was on the journey a comic book series came to be, telling many of the tales from before the series starts in the book.  Roland's first Ka-Tet was wonderful.  I'm thrilled to have more material about them.  I've diligently collected, bagged and boxed the comics waiting to read them, hoping to avoid spoiling what might have been at the top of the tower. 

And now that I'm finished I'm hearing that Marvel Comics is set to do proper adaptations of the books like they've been doing for The Stand.  And doing it quite well, I might add. (I say thankee).  Very fitting that I start collecting and reading the series immediately after finishing the books.  If you've read the series, you will know how very fitting that is!

It's hard to say which book I liked most, for I did like some more or less than others. It might be better to say there are certain scenes from the whole story that were my favorites.  The Tet Corporation in New York was very cool. That left so much potential for more stories.  I think I can say that I did like The Wolves of the Calla the most. Perhaps Wizard and Glass was another highlight of the series for me.  These books seemed to feature gunslingers doing gunslinger things more than the other books.  I wanted more stories about your standard gunslingers.  Perhaps this is good and by design- leaving this reader wanting more.

There have been rumors and rumors of rumors that a film trilogy will be made telling the tale. I'm not sure how I feel about that.  While that rumor starts, the one about J.J. Abrams taking on the series has died.  The latter rumor I preferred.  As for more Dark Tower, I have only just discovered the existence of a small prequel entitled The Little Sisters of Eluria. There is also talk about an 8th book.  Little detail about that, however.  I look forward to these little extension of such a wonderful world. 

Excuse me while I dig out some comics...


Thankee-sai, King.

Art by Joanna

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