Thursday, August 5, 2010

Gary's Gold Mine

Gary has been collecting comics and things for over 35 years. This weekend he's selling them. Starting today all the way through Sunday, August 8th he's opening his garage and offering a plethora of amazing items. There are 30 long boxes full of 6000 or so comics from all sorts of eras all at very agreeable prices. It's not all just comics, either. The walls are covered with action figures, model kits, books and toys. These also cover an impressive span of eras. (Thousands of 25 cent to $1.00 books).

All comics discounted, every age. Golden Age, Silver, Bronze -modern, Marvel, DC, Dell, and other titles as well, Classics Ill, Horror and related collectibles. Paperbacks, Digest, Graphic Novels, Big Little Books, Super-Hero cars, motorcycles, helicopters etc.. mint in package, Toys (Rare 1970's Spiderman Pogo Stick & Spiderman Hippity Hop) Action Figures, Games, Trading Cards, Flicker Rings, Puzzles, Books on Collectibles and MORE! Items date back as early as the 1940's, as well as many items from the 1960's thru 1980. MONSTER Mags and related MONSTER Collectibles. MODEL KITS boxed and built, old Easy Bake Oven in the original box with many accessories and old boxed batter. View Master, Tru Vu, and many slides 1940 up. Some of the antiques will be - Depression Glass, Bottles, Cameras ( Motion and still frame), Old 8mm Movie Projectors and Movies, Old Movie Posters, Various Books ( back to 1890's), 1950 Fishing Pole, Antique Victorian Phone, 1948 Zenith Radio (it works), Boot/Shoe Cleaner, Stamps.

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Gary's Gold Mine is located right here....

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