Sunday, September 19, 2010

Star Wars - The Thrawn Trilogy

I finished reading the Thrawn Trilogy in comic book form, today. I enjoyed the comics more than my lasts attempt at reading the novels. I remember enjoying the novels a great deal when they first came out... new Star Wars after all! I tried re-reading them within the last few years and enjoyed them to the extent that they were Star Wars novels. Beyond that I don't think they were very well written. Timothy Zahn's version of the Star Wars characters seemed to be too good. There seemed like nothing they couldn't do. The films portrayed them as able and good, but almost just barely so, which was an element that added to the enjoyment of the films. In the books, they seemed like almost super-heroes. This kind of turned me off of Zahn's books for a long time.

As comics, however, I felt that the stories held up rather well. There were points in the plot that felt as though there was too much material to properly adapt as a comic and having not been familiar with the story already, it may have been confusing. But for the most part, the adaptation was rather good. Each book is broken into 6 individual issues. As mentioned above, the pacing for the most part was good. There were a few confusing parts where it felt like more dialog would further and clearly explain exactly what's going on, but such are the limits of comics and especially comic adaptations. There are different art teams for each 'book' in the trilogy. While all of the art was nice, there were great differences between each book. All of the artists did a rather good job of portraying the actors and familiar objects. Another nice part of having this series in individual issues is the cover art of each issue is rather outstanding. Very reminiscent of the Drew Struzan art posters. Dark Horse has almost always had a very nice presentation.

As an added bonus, the ending of The Last Command was somehow a complete surprise to me. I'm not sure if I ever finished the novels back when they were first published.

I think this series would make a wonderful film trilogy in the same format at the current Clone Wars series. That's just wishful thinking.

I enjoyed this recent read so much that I've started looking at the Star Wars Omnibus series that have been out for a while now.
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