Wednesday, October 6, 2010

David Tennant and Doctor Who

I really liked Matt Smith's Doctor. But I fell in love with Doctor Who while it was on David Tennant's watch. What he brought to the character was all good. The level of quality through him is what is making Smith's Doctor hard to accept. Here is how David feels about leaving the role behind...

David Tennant on leaving Doctor Who behind

Simon Brew

The former Time Lord, David Tennant, talks about watching his last episode of Doctor Who, his thoughts on leaving the role, and what he thinks of Matt Smith…

Published on Oct 6, 2010

In the piece, Tennant says, "It felt right to pass the baton on and for it to continue to thrive." Specifically chatting about the transmission of The End Of Time Part II at the start of the year, he added, "I was at home in London on New Year's Day when I watched my last episode. It felt emotional, a weird mixture of emotions, but above all I was proud to be going out with a bang."There's an interesting interview in the latest issue of the Radio Times in which David Tennant looks back on leaving Doctor Who, and insists that he has no regrets about doing so.
While conceding that there's a downside to leaving such a role behind, Tennant did say that "It created many, many more opportunities than it closed down. My life and career are in a very different place to where they were before Doctor Who and that is 90 percent positive."
And what's more, he's a fan of his successor, Matt Smith, too. "I've loved every second. It's a thrill to be watching as a viewer again. I knew Matt was going to be fantastic and he is. He's a great choice and he's knocked it out of the park," Tennant said.
The actor can currently be seen in the BBC drama Single Father, and you can read the full interview in this week's Radio Times. It's well worth picking up.

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