Sunday, October 17, 2010

Week of Khan

Last weekend I watched Star Trek the Motion Picture. Naturally, the next film would be Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. I realized that I had never seen the original series episode that set up the foundation back story for the second film. So before I continued with the films I watched Star Trek: Space Seed....

Watched it Tuesday morning before work (while I had my breakfast).

A fantastic episode. Often considered one of the best.

I found it to be Star Trek's almost echo of Buck Rogers. Buck was a man of the 20th Century frozen or whatever for 500 years and revived. Khan was a genetically superior human who shipped out in cryogenically frozen sleep in 1996. Revived in the 23rd Century. That was 14 years ago. He's one of us. A bad Buck Rogers of sorts.

Wednesday morning I started watching Star Trek II (during breakfast) and enjoying it from a different perspective now having seen the back story.

Then, Thursday I make my way to The Source to take a look at what new comics came out and I see on the new release shelf - Star Trek: Khan Ruling in Hell issue 1 of 4, I believe. I had no intention of buying a Star Trek comic. I had considered it, true, as it obviously is currently on my obsession radar. But, come on! Khan?! Now?! I honestly had no idea that this comic was coming out. This week, none-the-less!

The story shows Khan and his people being set up and left by the Enterprise and her crew as per Kirk's decision in the TOS episode and they two parties part on rather good terms. The issue covers and highlights some of the main difficulties throughout the first six months of Khan's exile. Marla McGivers, former Lieutenant aboard the Enterprise was also exiled with Khan's people for betraying her crew (also in the episode) and Khan takes her as his wife. She burns her Starfleet uniform after the Enterprise leaves.

Six months pass and the end of the issue shows the Ceti Alpha VI blow up knocking the very lush Ceti Alpha V closer to the sun making it a desolate desert planet. This is portraying what Khan explained to Commander Chekov and Captain Terrel just before putting the awful worms in their ears. Very nicely made comic.

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