Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Manga Bible

For $2.00 at Half Price Books. I figured I'd take a look and keep it until I found that it was deliberately contrary to it's source material or just plain poorly made with no real or true concept of the source.

The Manga Bible: From Genesis to Revelations. Published by Doubleday, concept and art by Siku and script by Akin.
I have been pleasantly surprised and impressed with the quality of the little book. This is not intended to be a literal translation of the Bible, but to tell a lite version of the basic story through the Japanese comic style known as manga. To this goal I think it succeeded well. The art is very stylized and often leans towards humorous, but also is pretty serious and sometimes a bit suggestive when the story calls for it.

The neatest thing about the book is since it is not an in-depth translation and just skims the stories, occasionally there is a tab in the corner of some of the pages that references the real verses that tell the specific Bible story.

This is a tight little production that I'm comfortable to leave laying around for anyone to pick up and page through. I hope, like the creators of the book, that it encourages people who might not usually read the Bible, to become inspired to do just that.

Siku is a comic book creator from England known for several Judge Dredd comics as well as a Megacity spin-off- Pan African Judges.

Akin served as Nickalodian's art director.

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