Saturday, December 18, 2010

TRON: Legacy

Saw TRON today. This is full of spoilers so be warned.

While I recognized scenes that probably were fantastic in 3D, I'm glad we went to a 2D version. The effects were outstanding. Through a lot of the beginning there were many references to the original TRON. It seemed that pretty much all the sets were revisited in Legacy. There were disc duels, lightcycle duels, and an added one- lightjets. These are like the cycles which leave a solid ribbon along their path, but in the form of aerial dogfight with the ribbons hanging behind the vehicles.

The movie is very much like the original film in its pacing and over all plot. Missing were separate villains such as Master Control and a Sark character which were combined into one character antagonist who has a handful of unique henchmen this time around. Mostly what is offered is updated versions of everything we've already seen. The only thing new are a new life-form manifested from the creation of a newer Grid. This supplied a suitable minority for the autocracy lead by Clu to put down and wipe out. Another idea presented was that the programs could come up and out into the real world. There were some neat flashback scenes featuring the creation of this Grid by Flynn, Clu and Tron. One disappointment, the Bit was missing from Legacy.

We glimpse some of the everyday life of the Grid's city and here the movie takes a Film Noir feel like we just stepped into the Matrix as we follow the plot into an elegant bar. Other aspects have a Matrix feel as sometimes Users seem to manifest powers over and above the abilities of the native Programs.

I thought was disappointing compared to the original film was the digitizing and journey into the Grid. Here he was suddenly just there. It appeared that Sam didn't even feel the transfer.

One big difference from the first was the presence of many more females than in the first film. In a good way. I thought Quorra [Olivia Wilde] was adorable.

A small detail that bothered me was the introduction of projectile weapons. The above mentioned bar scene had a character randomly shooting a cane/rifle. It seemed very out of place suddenly to see any kind of gun weapon in the Grid. Before the only projectiles were discs or glowing spheres of various sports. The lightjets had turrets and mounted weapons that, again, seemed out of place here.

My favorite thing about TRON: Legacy was Daft Punk. They did a great job scoring the music and their cameo was hilarious and subtle. I think they didn't even alter their helmets!

I wonder how the film holds up if one had not seen the original film.

The film is left wide open for sequels probably with the hopes of a newly rebooted franchise. I don't know if this is a good thing or not. Regardless of it's possible open end, it is a nicely self contained complete  package of a movie. I liked it and I'd see it again. If only to try to catch more references to the first one.

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  1. Good review. I just saw it and I did enjoy it. I saw it in 3D. The movie began with words explaining that the movie was primarily shot in 2D with some 3D scenes, it asked the viewers to keep their glasses on for the entire show. I don't recall any obvious 3D scenes however.

    The visuals in the grid were great. I loved the game sequences. I thought they blended slow-motion with the fast action well. The effects of the programs derezzing was very pleasing.

    I also thought the projectiles were a bit odd. I had been wondering about that during the movie and just guessed projectiles didn't translate into anything in the digital world. Obviously I was wrong.

    I didn't see the potential for additional sequels. But if it's successful enough I'm sure Disney will come up with another story.


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