Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Walking Dead

I finished watching The Walking Dead today. Turn away now, this will contain SPOILERS!

It was pretty good, but I wouldn't call it amazing. It was the writing that was lacking in some spots of the series as a whole. Mainly it was in the 5th episode when the camp is suddenly overrun with walkers (zombies). There is a technique taught in some gaming circles where if the action or story starts to get slow have two guys with guns kick in the door. Figure out who they are later. That's what it felt like when the camp was absolutely crawling with them. It felt like a plot device for the story to move but didn't fit well. Earlier in the show they'd come across one or two solo walkers that somehow wondered up the hill and that was totally within the realm of possible for this show. Other than that the last episode was a little too conveniently timed. The gang arrives the night before the whole place is set to blow. I suppose they may have accelerated the process by showering away all the hot water. But again this is television and can be forgiven. For a zombie show it showcases the situation dramatically and very realistically compared to most in this genre. Sometimes the zombies seem a little too clever. In the first or second episode (I don't recall now), it seemed like one undead lady almost recognized her house. But who knows. Their limits haven't been fully defined yet.

One spoiler I caught was that Merle (spelling) didn't show up in the 2nd half of the show which was for-shadowed with the fact that Michael Rooker's name wasn't in the credits. He always plays such a good asshole. His brother took me for a spin trying to remember where I had seen him before when it finally came to me that he was one of the Boon Dock Saints! No wonder he looked natural with a gun. I think Jeffery DeMunn is the strongest actor in the cast. His character caught me as the most real.

I read the trade paperbacks years ago and I recall it being an excellent comic. Someone reported that the first episode was almost shot for shot the first comic issue. I don't recall if that's so. Could be. Both mediums are good productions. From what I remember the show took a pretty big turn from the events of the comic. I'm sure I'll be tuning in when the 2nd season is upon us. Zombies sure seem like the in thing for a while now. Maybe this show will start to kill that fad... but naturally, the fad will rise from the dead to keep on going.............
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