Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pathfinder - Basic Game

Pathfinder is once again on my radar. A friend initiated a more family-schedule-game recently and I'm all fired up about Pathfinder again as I'm the one to start the round-robin style game. The bonus this time around is my brother is trying his hand at roleplaying. That should be a real treat. I can't wait.

Today, the internet is alight with news and pictures of a new product by Paizo appeared on Facebook. This box set is designed to introduce new players to the game in a friendly and easier format- a stripped down version minus a lot of the more advanced rules, rather than the full on rule books. A basic introductory game is a very good strategy as the current rule books are quite hefty in weight and rule. Pathfinder (and d20 in general) is not the easiest rule system to start with and a product that eases new players is good for the hobby attracting young people with lasting experiences prolonging the life of the hobby and also not bad for the company. I've been keeping my eye open for this news and I look forward to the product as a tool to encourage the younger members of this household to embrace this hobby.

Sounds like it's due in October:
"Some details: It's a full 5-level Pathfinder box set that uses the same rules in a more user friendly format. It should have a DMs book, player's book and adventure. No miniatures but standee figures ala Kill Doctor Lucky. It's $34.95."
a different angle
There have been many basic editions or starting kits for pretty much all previous editions of Dungeons & Dragons. There's no doubt that Pathfinder is the younger cousin of D&D so it's only right that Pathfinder gets its Basic Game. 

Paizo has consistently created top-notch quality products which are worthy of support in keeping this unique hobby alive and well represented.

On EnWorld, Eric Mona explained that... well, here:
Please note that the mock-up photos floating around were created for trade show promotional purposes, and that some of the details (such as the product's name) will change prior to release.
We're keeping an eye on this product. More info when it gets here. 

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