Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Pathfinder SRD

The Pathfinder Roleplaying game has a very useful online tool- a website that catalogs all of the official rules for the game. Back when Dungeons & Dragons released the 3rd Edition rules as open content there came to be an acronym- SRD. System Reference Document. Which is to say it is a website that links back and forth inside itself for convenience when looking up any aspect of the rules. It is a rules wiki, basically. There are probably a few for varying SRDs reflecting the different versions of the d20 rules, but the one I used the most was The Hypertext d20 SRD.

When Pathfinder came out I wondered if there'd be an SRD for it. Paizo did publish an official one, but it isn't overly extensive. Then I wondered who would make the real one, the useful one, because surely there'd be one. Not much later John Reyst showed us how successfully one could use Google Sites to create an SRD that goes way beyond the old d20 SRD. For example, the Pathfinder SRD includes a very extensive bestiary. Something the most other SRDs do not include. All of this data is an amazing deal of work requiring a great deal of manpower. Reyst recruited an army of geeks with the passion to make the Pathfinder game and the gaming industry as easy to understand and get into as possible. The site is open for anyone to help. The only thing required is a Google account.

The current state of the PFSRD is extremely useful, but as Paizo continues to release more material for the game, the site will perpetually be incomplete. The site will always need more help.

One thing I found while surfing the site was a monster in the bestiary that struck home... literally! Growing up in Northern Wisconsin we lived a half hour from Hodag country. Now it appears my character can go toe to toe with a Hodag in Pathfinder! Paizo featured the creature in the Bestiary 2 book. And, therefore, it appears in the PFSRD.

However, I noticed there was no picture of the Hodag on the site. So I went looking for one, found one on DeviantArt.org and asked the artist if he'd mind if we used it. He said he'd be honored and so I edited the Hodag entry, crediting the artist and linking back to his gallery. Everyone is happy.

So, please come visit the PFSRD and see everything about the Hodag! And if you find something missing, lend a hand to the project.
The Hodag by RobbVision
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