Saturday, April 23, 2011

Doctor Who Exactly

Doctor Who is back on the air!

Many episodes of the previous season were like the episode of this season. They are like surreal mysteries. We're given just enough hints and at the same time we trying to keep up, learning the rules of this world's reality and are continually surprised. Its like a psychedelic Sherlock Holmes. The Impossible Astronaut starts with an uneasy, uncomfortable tension between all the companions and the Doctor. No one knows what's going on, especially the Doctor.

This episode guest stars one of my favorite character actors that has been appearing in some good things lately. I first saw him as Badger in Firefly. He next appeared (and ended up being my favorite character of the whole series) as Romo Lampkin in Battlestar Galactica. Even caught him in a great episode of Burn Notice. And here he is as a very likable character in Doctor Who, Canton III. An interesting bit here- Mark's father appears in the episode as an older version of Canton. He and his father both appeared in a Star Trek AND Doctor Who.
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