Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Name of the Wind and Wise Man's Fear fan art

I am deep into Wise Man's Fear and loving every word of it.

When in a series like Patrick Rothfuss's King Killer Chronicles, I will often run a search for the characters on DeviantArt and have no problem finding a wide range of interpretations of the characters. This assists me when trying to 'cast' the characters in my own head- using a collective collection. I'll find details that were missed repeated by the images. Much of the fan art amateur with a lot of heart. There is always a collection of astounding pictures. Depending on the popularity of the series, sometimes a handful, others pages and pages. I'm amazed at how many very talented artist out there. Occasionally there will be some official art from a cover or commission. I wanted to take a moment to share some that I found from The Name of the Wind and Wise Man's Fear.

Kvothe by Sandara
There is a quiet stillness to this picture that makes it feel old. This could've easily been the cover for The Name of the Wind.
Name of the Wind by Rikkenian

This is the image of Kvothe that I have taken for my mind's eye. That face and expression- it is so easy for me to picture that kid doing the things the story portrays. That portrait reminds me that Kvothe is still just a kid. Arrogance mixed with a lot of getting in trouble. Perfect.  

Kvothe by FreshPaint

These four are from myleafyentrails

Many have the opinion that I'm cheating because I'm taking in the book via audiobook. That's fine for them. What a wonderful format for literature. It makes me actually look forward to my commute. The production quality is outstanding. The book is performed (rather than narrated) by Nick Podehl, who also read The Name of the Wind. His characterization is remarkable. Nick uses accents quite well for some of the setting's cultures. His ability to speak for female characters is natural and less awkward than many other narrators I've listened to in the past. It was very fortunate for Podehl to be able to read both books and I hope he is contracted to continue the series when the time comes.
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