Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Porco Rosso: The Last Sortie

A pig's gotta fly by lastscionz
Will there be a Porco Rosso sequel?

At this time, no there will not.

The internet is aflame with news of a sequel to Porco Rosso (and I played my part in kindling it). Unfortunately the news is false, or rather, misinterpreted. Miyazaki is working on a manga sequel for Porco Rosso, but this will not be a film. As much as I wish it were going to be, I'd like to try to turn the tide of this toward the truth.

GhibliWiki had the following clarification:
Our poorly worded earlier news article on Miyazaki's interview in Cut magazine gave the impression that Miyazaki was planning a film sequel to Porco Rosso when in fact it'll be a manga as announced by Model Graphix. Hoshino was asked about the film at the Rome press conference and while his response was not a direct denial ("Next work will be announced later this year in Japan. Please look forward to it.") we're confident that the December 15 announcement will not be Porco Rosso 2.

Porco Rosso by JaimePosadas
The Last Sortie will be a comic (manga) set in the Spanish Civil War and sounds like it will be a sequel to the Ghibli film- Porco Rosso.
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