Sunday, May 1, 2011

They Might Be Giants

They Might Be Giants by fishingwithafish
Being a geek and being a dad. Got all my music bases covered with one band. They Might Be Giants.

Apollo 18 was one of my first musical ventures outside the mainstream. Started my brother and I down a path further and further from pop top 40. Enjoyed the album immensely. Now the same fellows are entertaining my children (as well still entertaining me!).

I remember seeing them on Conan O'Brien early in his career. I thought they were his very first musical guest, but I haven't been able to find evidence of that being true. I did see that they have been a guest of his many time since. I don't recall if that first performance was before I had the Apollo 18 album or if this helped me discover it. (see below)

They Might Be Printed by Toast451
For years they were found in my brother's collection more often than mine. In 2002 They made an album called NO! which had a real children's record feel. This must've been a realized direction, because three years later They came out with Here Come the ABCs which was a fully bonified children's record with the financial backing of Disney!

NO! was released as an interactive CD-ROM with music video/games related to each song. The night my brother got the CD we spent a memorable night exploring it.

It's my kid's children records, or maybe Raffi, that has revitalized my interest in They Might Be Giants. Not only is this kid's music that I can listen to without my brain draining out of my sinuses, but this music is interesting, very well written, complex, baffling, random, catchy, hilarious, as well as sort of educational.

They have a lot of music and have maintained a distinct style as well as a high level of quality throughout they're whole career. Here's to a lot more to come....

Maybe my kids will grow up with a fondness for Nerd Rock.

Since then, They Might Be Giants produced the following correction...

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