Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wilderness Kids Adventures

Since becoming a fan of Edgar Rice Burroughs, I naturally stumbled into Pellucidar and became rather fond of the Hollow Earth setting (which some people strongly and passionately believe is true, by the way). I found there are a handful of similar settings, all to which I've become a fan. Enough of a fan to start an additional blog... Hollow World.

Being a geek I took note of the 2006 RPG Hollow Earth Expedition by Exile Games which is set in a Hollow Earth setting. I've finally started looking at the game, studying the rules and exploring the resources. Its doing this that lead me to Wilderness Kids Adventures. It appears there was a more official proposal which changed the name around to Wilderness Adventure Kids.

Here is a description from the above linked site:
The Wilderness Kids Adventures is a HEX-variant series of adventures designed and written to be easily accessible to young adults and children, or adult players that wish to experience the joy of childhood again. The scenarios that are offered in the Wilderness Kids series are not watered down adult adventures, but instead are fully realized adventures that play to the abilities and likes of a younger audience. The Wilderness Kids adventures are not necessarily traditional Hollow Earth Expedition scenarios in terms of setting. The Wilderness Kids find adventures in their neighborhoods, on camping trips, or just going for a bike ride to the lake. They might not be fighting dinosaurs or Nazis all the time, but that’s not to say that they couldn’t come face to face with saboteurs, evil scientists, or Thule agents that are skulking about their neighborhood.
It has been mentioned in this blog before that I've been on a long search for a suitable RPG system and setting to introduce and run games with my kids. Accidently stumbling upon this one was a delight as it seems to have a great deal of promise for what I'm looking for. As of now the product list is as follows:

Movie Mayhem
The characters have received a special reward for their hard work cleaning up a park, and repainting all the benches and picnic tables in the park. For their efforts they’ve been given passes to the grand opening of a new movie: MIND-SUCKING ROBOTS FROM OUTERSPACE, in MIND-BLASTING-O-VISION!
The word on the street is that the movie is in 3-D, and has actors actually come out of the screen! The Wilderness Kids are being accompanied by their Pack Master, Robert Bree, who is a good friend, mentor, and father figure to the kids. Robert picked up all the kids, and told their parents he’d have them back right after the movie.  Also a GenCon version. Maps and Counters for Movie Mayhem.


The Wilderness Kids have just gotten off from Elf duty from the annual Wilderness Kids Santa’s Booth. Downtown Kokomo has been transformed into Santa’s Village with the WK’s Santa’s Booth as one of the premiere attractions.
Santa has been kidnapped and the WK must rescue him to save Christmas. Well, what did you think?
Wilderness Kids Adventures Character Sheets

Wilderness Kids Adventures apparently make their appearances at GenCon each year. There are more adventures introduced at the convention than there are available at this time on the Mythical Eras site. Here's what has come out at GenCon in the last couple of years:
the following is the list of Wilderness Kids adventures and their first appearance at Gencon:
  • Movie Mayhem ('08)
  • Haunted House ('09)
  • Jewels of Prometheus Falls ('10)
  • Mummy Menace in the Museum ('10)
  • Monkey Menace at the Zoo ('10)
  • Revenge of the Saucer-Men ('10)
  • Tentacles of Terror ('10)
  • Treasure Trouble ('10)
  • Save Christmas ('11)
So far, only Movie Mayhem is complete at the Mythic Eras Site. My draft version of the WK Save Christmas is also there. The original and my "alternate" version of the PC's are also at Mythic Eras site.
I hope more talk about Wilderness Kids Adventures and more people that know about it will increase demand for more. I believe it to be a wholesome endeavor.

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