Monday, June 27, 2011

Daring Tales of Adventure

Daring Tales of Adventure is a line of adventures that were originally produced for the Savage Worlds system. These are set in the pulp 1930s and were a perfect fit for the Hollow Earth Expedition's game to which Triple Ace Games has started to convert them to HEX's Ubiquity System. At this time there are two available in PDF form and it is understood that they are working on converting more. Daring Tales of Adventure is an excellent additions to the HEX line.

Triple Ace Games also publish their own original setting for the Ubiquity System. All For One is a Three Musketeers like setting for Ubiquity with one book in print and a very healthy supply of PDFs supporting the line.

Two other Ubiquity products are coming out in the near future from Triple Ace, another 1930s pulp era, but perhaps a bit more along the sci-fi side of the genre- Rocket Rangers. And League of Adventure which was simply described as Victorian-era adventuring and exploring. I suspect it'll be a League of Extraordinary Gentleman type setting.
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