Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Doctor Who writer on Star Wars

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One of the writers working on the live-action Star Wars series has been discovered. Matthew Graham wrote the very recent two-parter The Rebel Flesh / The Almost People.

Exclusive: writer for Star Wars TV show revealed

Simon Brew

Have you ever wondered who was writing the fifty hours of scripts that George Lucas has in place for his Star Wars TV show? We might just have uncovered one of them…

Published on Jun 15, 2011

But this begs the question: just who has been writing the episodes for the show? Because names have been very thin on the ground. As it turns out, though, we might just have found one of them.
Yesterday, we reported on Rick McCallum's comments regarding the proposed Star Wars live action television show, where he confirmed that there were fifty third-draft scripts for the programme already in place. The message was clear. The show is still being planned, but George Lucas is waiting for technology to catch up and allow him to make the show on a reasonable budget.
A source has revealed to us that British writer, Matthew Graham, is one of the team that Lucas recruited to the project.
Graham is best known for co-creating and co-writing Life On Mars and Ashes To Ashes, and we recently saw his work in Doctor Who, too, where he penned the two-parter, The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People.
We got in touch with Matthew Graham and asked him whether the news was true. All he would say to us was that he had done some work out at LucasFilm during 2008 and 2009 "on something unbelievably cool", and that his contract "had come to an end". "I hope one day I'll be able to talk about it," he told us.
We might be joining dots a little here, but that does seem to us that Graham was, indeed, one of the writers Lucas was reportedly inviting to the Skywalker Ranch to work on the show.
We've got whispers of one or two other names, too, but we're trying to get those clarified now.
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