Sunday, June 5, 2011

Stevie Wonder in Time and Space

Doctor Who: A Good Man Goes To War was a fantastic mid-series finale. Lots of spoilers, so to speak. I thought one of the most entertaining bits of dialog was between River Song and the Lone Centurion (Rory).

River has just returned from a birthday date with the Doctor, of course. She is breaking back into her prison cell when she is confronted by Rory. She explains to him that they went ice skating at the last Frost Fair in 1814 and the Doctor got Stevie Wonder to sing for her under London Bridge. Rory asks about that- Stevie Wonder sang in 1814?!?- to which River confirms, yes he did- but you must never tell him!

Fantastic writing.

Another entertaining part about this bit is now Stevie Wonder has an entry in the TARDIS Index File (the Doctor Who Wiki). Hilarious.
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