Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Tarzan by Jackdaw
Warner Brothers are going to make a Tarzan film trilogy. The history of live-action Tarzan films is rather iffy. The most recent appearance was Disney's which was a pretty big deal. Lets see what Warner Bros has for us...
EXCLUSIVE: Warner Bros has locked Craig Brewer into a deal to write and direct a new installment of Tarzan.Brewer has come up with a take that tells the Tarzan story over three films. He hopes the first one will be his next directing assignment. Warner Bros, which has been stymied in watching several attempts to relaunch the  Edgar Rice Burroughs-created hero die on the vine, separately has screenwriter Adam Cozad working on a script that tells a different version of the man raised by apes in the jungles of Africa from infancy. Cozad's recent work includes the Jack Ryan reboot and Archangel, the pic that has Tron: Legacy's Joseph Kosinski attached. How the studio decides which film to make remains to be seen, but clearly Warner Bros is determined to revive a live action Tarzan.  This is a passion project for Brewer, who is in demand after directing the remake of Footloose for Paramount, and chose this over other opportunities. Jerry Weintraub is producing with Alan Riche and Tony Ludwig. Tarzan has been a fixture of films since the Depression, most notably in the series of films that starred Olympic swimmer Johnny Weismuller.
Tarzan vs Python by dfbovey

The above article references this article (which is a bit redundant). It seems odd to me that they'd be commissioning two scripts simultaneously, unless that is the strategy to get a trilogy jump started.
Warner Bros has been trying to get its Tarzan movie up and running for several years. Now, I'm hearing that the studios is trying again, and word on the vine is they might well commission two separate scripts that'll be written simultaneously. One will be by Adam Cozad, a rising scribe whose recent work includes the Jack Ryan reboot and Archangel, the pic that has Tron: Legacy's Joseph Kosinski attached. I also hear that the studio is talking to Craig Brewer about doing a different version of the picture. This has been done before on big pictures, and usually the studio makes a decision on which way to go when they both come in. Sometimes, the other script is the next movie in the franchise. But it certainly gives hope that Tarzan will be swinging in the jungle before too long. Cozad's repped by ICM and Gotham Group, Brewer by WME.
Tarzan by mbreitweiser

Not sure what to think about this news. I have become very fond of the book series over the last few years. My hopes are that they stick to the novel version of Tarzan- a very intelligent, savage Englishman instead of the version that is barely able to speak. I also hope that one of these films will lead us down into Pellucidar and then further hoping that might ignite a spin-off series telling the story of David Innes. But that is probably too much to hope for. There are plenty of tales to choose from in the literature.
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