Sunday, July 3, 2011

The End of Uncanny X-Men

Issue 544 will be the last issue of Marvel's Uncanny X-Men. I haven't followed this title for years. It was the comic that lead my brother and I to the Marvel Universe (and eventually on to the DC Comics Universe, too). In the late '80s picking up every issue of G.I. Joe that showed up in the tiny Book World in Eagle River, WI, my brother and I allowed curiosity to overcome us and finally picked up my first issue of Uncanny X-Men. That was issue 244. It seems a bit serendipidous that the title runs exactly 300 issues beyond my first one. 244 was the May 1989 issue. It introduced Jubilee while the team were hiding in Australia. I loved the quick and dirty Silvestri art while the issues were coming bi-monthly. Stopped reading the title shortly after the other X-Men title/s started. Briefly picked it up again when the movie came out. The writing got out of hand, or maybe always was. But I'll always be fond of the title for what it represents in my getting into the hobby. I'm confident the X-Men will continue in their various other titles.
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