Monday, August 29, 2011

Mythic Eras and HEXiPedia

We celebrate the return of Mythic Eras (which was down for a week or so due to technical difficulties). Mythic Eras is an invaluable resource for the Ubiquity role-playing game system. Collected on the site is a large number of files, anything from character sheets, maps, adventures, to full campaign PDFs all compiled and organized by one who goes by Harrier Potter.

All role-playing games worthy usually do have great  resources- or they should.  Perhaps a game's volume of fan-made resources is an indication of it's quality, popularity, and success. In this case the fans of Hollow Earth Expedition and other Ubiquity games like All For One, Desolation have a very nicely presented place to seek and submit projects. There are fan made settings like Wilderness Adventure Kids and Wild West, also.

Imajica is the keeper of HEXiPedia. This is a wiki where fans are welcome to store projects and information pertaining to their Ubiquity system games.

The last major resources for Ubiquity games are the Exile Game Studio forums and the Triple Ace Games forums. Both are invaluable information kiosks where fans and the game creators talk about all aspects of the games.

Another resource that has recently popped up is Zombie's HEX Page which is actually a resource for the players who are in his games, which can be quite useful for one looking for cheat sheets or various character sheets.

The Ubiquity game system is a relatively young game system with a smaller product line than many other games with large fan-bases. The online support for the game is very solid and of high quality. Triple Ace Games is starting to change this by putting out a larger number of products. The more this happens, the more people will discover the game, the more need for this type of support, the better for it with the quality we have already in place.

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