Friday, August 12, 2011

Never Catch a Netherpott

Never Catch a Netherpott: A Never Adventure of Ethan Bell story and art by Greg Willis.

Ethan Bell does not like adventure. Yet, against his better judgement, he finds himself on a large, mysterious lake, trying to catch a strange creature.

Never Catch a Netherpott is an captivating picture book full of wonderful illustrations and is fun for all ages. Join Ethan as he gets into another exciting misadventure.

This is the first of The Ethan Bell Never Adventures.  Juvenile fiction presented in 30 pages of full color.

Check it out soon because my reliable sources say that the second book is on its way...

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Greg Willis

This author/artist happens to be my brother. AND he is the superhero that can  manipulate gravity, named.... Gravity. Well, at least his name was the inspiration for that character (as we are good friends with Gravity's creator, Sean McKeever, who might hold responsibility to my comic book addiction).

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