Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rocket Rangers

The Rocketeer by Clayman8
Triple Ace Games' Ubiquity version of Rocket Rangers is now out. 10 pages, the fluff starts us off straight away and has a real nice pulp feel to it laying out the industrial history to the technology and political/social reasons for the development of the Rangers. Paul "Wiggy" Wade-Williams is a great writer.

The meat of the book are rules covering how to run and play a Rocket Ranger campaign. The rules range from fuel, donning a pack and activation, speed and passengers, landing and even tinkering. There are character guidelines listing flaws that have no place in this type of campaign.

Allies and Enemies cover NPCs, an old school survivor of the first eight volunteers who could serve as a mentor, generic rocket men and Nazi Rocket Troops!

There are half a dozen or so adventure seeds- even one that leads to the Hollow Earth. Also so suggestions for non-military rocket men type of characters. Nicely done product.

There are a few pictures of nicely painted miniatures, though the pictures are a bit pixelated. With just 10 pages, these pictures don't take up much. These images are credited to Bob Murch of Pulp Figures who produce the Rocket Corps minis used in the photos.

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