Monday, October 17, 2011

Gabriela Robin and Yoko Kanno

Kanno Yoko With Rat by Love-ROKKUGO
There is a mystery in the arena of Japanese Anime- who is Gabriela Robin? Many people believe Robin is a pseudo name used by Yoko Kanno.

Yoko Kanno is an amazing musician and composer best known for some incredible musical scores for some of the most popular anime series.

In many of the tracks that contain vocals the name Gabriela Robin appears in the credits.

Sometimes Kanno denies she and Gabriela Robin are the same persons, or used to. The who truth about it is wonderfully ambiguous. It reminds me a lot of Andy Kaufman's Tony Clifton.

The Macross Plus soundtrack was my first exposure to the amazing music. And the music was the strongest element to that series, in my opinion. I grabbed up all I could find from that show. Cowboy Bebop is what brought it home for me. Another collection of albums for my library.

There is a website dedicated to the question- Who is Gabriela Robin. Check it out here.

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Here's more about the name Robin...
On October 4, Japan's Center for Performers' Rights Administration posted an interview with acclaimed anime soundtrack composer Yoko Kanno. The interviewer noted that the name "Gabriela Robin" is used in the credits for many lyrics and vocals in Kanno's work. Kanno responded that the first time she recorded with an orchestra was in Israel, and at the time, the Prime Minister of Israel was Yitzhak Rabin. "That's all there is to it," she laughed.
Kanno is known for composing the soundtracks for Macross FrontierCowboy BebopGhost in the Shell: Stand Alone ComplexEscaflowne, and many other works. She first recorded with an orchestra when she wrote music for Macross Plus which the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra performed. In past interviews, Kanno would half-jokingly deny that she is Robin.

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