Friday, December 23, 2011

The Snow Queen

Disney appears to have plans for an upcoming animated feature film based on Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen.

Finally! Disney confirms The Snow Queen, coming in 2013

Simon Brew

A long-lost Disney animated project is firmly back on the roster, as The Snow Queen becomes Frozen, and gets a 2013 release date...

Published on Dec 23, 2011

Long-time followers of Disney animation will be only too aware of the number of years that it’s been attempting to bring The Snow Queen to the big screen. Based on the story by Hans Christian Andersen, the film came closest to fruition just over a decade ago, with plenty of work being done on it (and artwork has since appeared online), before the project was shelved around 2002.

Then, when Disney revived hand drawn animation with The Princess And The Frog, talk of The Snow Queen resurfaced. The chatter then was for the film to be a hand-drawn project.

Still, when we spoke to composer Alan Menken at the end of 2010, he told us that “Snow Queen is not happening”, adding that “that could turn around like that”.

And turn around it has.

Walt Disney Animation has confirmed that The Snow Queen will now be known asFrozen, and it’s scheduled the film for 2013. November 27th 2013, as it happens, and it’ll be a 3D release.

Our best guess is that it’s no longer a hand-drawn production, and is likely to go fully-CG, but Tangled proved that might be less of a problem than some traditionalists may think (although personally, I’d love to see The Snow Queen as a hand-drawn movie).

I'm sure the Disney version will be amazing. This will not be the first animated version of the story.

There was a 36 episode Japanese anime series based on the story. More about that here (Japanese).

And then there's this production originally from Russia in 1957 with a newer audio track (that is actually quite strange). I find the animation quality extraordinary! Especially from that long ago. Miyazaki claims this film as the inspiration that kept him going forward with his career.
Hayao Miyazaki has stated that this film is one of his inspirations to work in animation. When he started his career, Miyazaki had a rough start and was thinking of leaving animation already. When he saw The Snow Queen, he admired it and continued working in anime. In September 2007, it was announced that Studio Ghibli will be distributing this film through their Ghibli Museum Library label and it was released in December 2007 (in the original Russian audio with Japanese subtitles).

I also came across a 1990s production with some bigger names from England, but the animation was so horrible I thought best to leave that one alone.

Also forgettable- A Stories to Remember episode narrated by Sigourney Weaver.

However, here is an interesting version. From 1983, not a lot of information about this short animation, written and directed by Fred Laderman:
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