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Buckaroo Banzai Comics and RPG

There have been an assortment of comics featuring Doctor Buckaroo Banzai over the years and even more recently.

In 1984, Marvel Comics adapted the film in two issues as well as one large sized special, Marvel Super Special #33.


Moonstone released several short runs, two to three issues each.
In 2006, Moonstone Books began publishing comic books depicting earlier and further adventures of Buckaroo Banzai and the Hong Kong Cavaliers.
The first story, Return of the Screw, was written by Buckaroo Banzai's creator, Earl Mac Rauch. The black-and-white preview edition of the comic was released in February 2006, featuring a behind-the-scenes article by Dan Berger regarding the transformation of the rejected Buckaroo Banzai television pilot script Supersize those Fries into the present comic book miniseries. The three issues of this comic have been collected into a trade paperback.
In December 2007, Moonstone released a new Banzai comic story A Christmas Corrall in the Moonstone Holiday Super Spectacular compilation, also written by Earl Mac Rauch and drawn by Ken Wolak.
A two-issue prequel to the movie was released in early 2008 called Of Hunan Bondage. It was written by Earl Mac Rauch with art by Superman Returns storyboard artist Chewie.
In early 2009, Moonstone released Big Size, a special oversize one-shot comic, written by Earl Mac Rauch with art by Paul Hanley.

 But there was one comic that didn't exist. It was a prop for the film. The dialog in the film are from two hunters who come across the dead body of an alien who happens to have an issue of the (at the time) fictional Buckaroo Banzai comic book. One of the hunters recognizes it as the 'latest issue'. However, a closer look reveals that it was issue number 1. Which I guess would be the latest issue, technically.

And now there is a roleplaying game based on the franchise set to come out soon!
 | Monday, July 18th, 2011
Buckaroo Banzai Adventure Game Coming In Spring 2012 From Adamant Entertainment
Adamant Entertainment, in association with the Banzai Institute for Biomedical Engineering and Strategic Information, has entered into a license agreement by which Adamant will be producing the Buckaroo Banzai Adventure Game — a training manual for Blue Blaze Irregulars which uses the format of a tabletop role-playing game in order to prepare BBI recruits for the sorts of situations in which they may find themselves while aiding Buckaroo. The training manual will feature guidelines for taking on the roles of either your own Blue Blaze Irregular Strike Team, or the roles of Dr. Buckaroo Banzai and the Hong Kong Cavaliers themselves. Familiarize yourselves with global threats ranging from Red Lectroids from Planet 10 to Hanoi Xan and the World Crime League; Learn about the specialized equipment available from the Banzai Institute, such as the Oscillation Overthruster and the Jet Car; And begin to embrace the motto of the Blue Blaze Irregulars: “Helping him to help us.”
“Buckaroo’s on sabbatical in the lamasery in Kathmandu,” said Reno Nevada, the Banzai Institute’s director of merchandising, and tenor saxophone for the Hong Kong Cavaliers, “But he’s pleased as punch about the Adventure Game. We’ve discussed the need for a training manual for the Blue Blaze Irregulars, outside of Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and The Hagakure. So yeah, Thumbs Up from Buckaroo, and from us here at the Institute.”
“As a BBI since the release of Docudrama in 1984, I am thrilled to be working with the Banzai Institute,” said Gareth-Michael Skarka, director of Adamant Entertainment. “It’s been a dream project of mine, and I’m honored that Buckaroo has seen fit to give us his blessing.”
The Buckaroo Banzai Adventure Game will ship to game stores worldwide in Spring 2012, and will feature a cover by acclaimed illustrator Dave Dorman.

ABOUT ADAMANT ENTERTAINMENT: Adamant Entertainment has been at the forefront of the electronic publishing segment of the entertainment industry for seven years, offering innovation and standard-setting performance for digital delivery of tabletop role-playing games. For more information, visit or follow on Twitter at @AdamantEnt.
ABOUT THE BANZAI INSTITUTE: The Banzai Institute for Biomedical Engineering and Strategic Information is an independent, non-profit research organization of ranking scientists. Its East Coast campus is located an hour from New York City in Holland township, New Jersey. Founded by Dr. B. Banzai in 1972 to fulfill a need of the scholarly community for greater continuity of research, the Institute supports scientific endeavours in many fields that would otherwise go unfunded. Doctor Banzai can be followed on Twitter at @b_banzai

This blog post is dedicated to Sean Kinchlow who introduced me to the craziness of Buckaroo Banzai. His eye for good films and his unshakable love for this film is the only reason I gave it a 2nd chance. Glad I did. Thank you, Ranus.
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