Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sherlock and Mickey in Star Trek

Casting news for JJ Abrams' Star Trek sequel is coming out recently and a couple of additions are interesting. The two actors are best known for some of their recent roles on BBC's best programming. Benedict Cumberbatch has made some recent appearances on this blog because of his role as Holmes in the most excellent Sherlock. Noel Clarke is known for his very frequent role as Mickey Smith, the best friend of the Doctor's companion, Rose Tyler, in the first three seasons of the new Doctor Who plus a few more appearances after Rose's  run as the companion. Unknown are the roles the fellows will play in the Trek film. It's still pretty early as the film is set to come out in May 2013.

Noel Clarke and Benedict Cumberbatch join JJ Abrams’ Star Trek sequel

Simon Brew

Two British actors are heading into space, as Noel Clarke and Benedict Cumberbatch are cast in JJ Abrams’ new Star Trek film…

Published on Jan 5, 2012

Production is due to start next week on JJ Abrams’ follow-up to his Star Trek reboot, and with that in mind, the missing parts of the cast are starting to come together.

First up, Noel Clarke is adding to his busy schedule by signing up for a role in the film. Clarke, who will be appearing on screen this year in three films that he’s written or co-written himself (The KnotStorage 24 and Fast Girls), has signed up to play a family man in the movie, one with a wife and daughter. Where he fits in beyond that remains to be seen.

Clarke also has an MMA-based movie in the works that he’s written, and last we heard, is planning to direct himself soon.

Also added to the cast is Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch. His role in the film is undisclosed as of now. We doubt he’s stepped into Benicio Del Toro’s shoes as the villain, though.

The film is due out on May 17th 2013. And we will, of course, keep you posted on it.
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