Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tales from Wilderland and other suppliments

Everyone loves The One Ring: Over the Edge of the Wild. So naturally everyone wants more. The next release will be a book containing a series of adventures for the game entitled: Tales from the Wilderland and is due for January 2012 (which can be pre-ordered at this time).

Wilderland and other future releases were discussed at the 2011 Dragonmeet Cubicle 7 seminar (Dragonmeet is London's gaming convention equivalent to GenCon, here is the podcast link).

A summery of the seminar discussion was posted in the Cubicle 7 forums in which I present here:
Cubicle 7 Seminar: Dragonmeet, London 2011 
The seminar was 45 minutes long including discussion of all C7 lines and questions, so each line only gets a short burst of information. 

The One Ring:
Everyone is very pleased and proud.

Supplements are all on track

First supplement out in January - Tales from Wilderland, comprising 7 scenarios, set at the same time as core set, 5 years after The Battle of 5 Armies in Wilderland. Gareth Ryder Hanrahan is the writer.

Gareth mentions his favourite part is the second adventure, when the fellowship have to rescue a hobbit who has set up an inn east of the Misty Mountains, a rather ill advised business venture. Everyone ends up in goblin caves, where the goblins are having a parody of a hobbit feast. There are too many goblins to fight, so the player heroes must find a way to sabotage things - make them too drunk to fight, poison the food and so on. There is a great illustration of this goblin feast.

Jon mentions how impressed he is at how “Hobbity” this scenario is, which is a very hard feel to capture.

Gareth sums it up as “Heroic Twee” and everyone laughs.

After Tales from Wilderland we’re looking at The Darkening of Mirkwood campaign. What happens when the Nazgul occupy Dol Guldur, driving the woodmen out of Mirkwood.

There’s a huge story hinted at in the books. By the time of LOTR there aren’t any Woodman settlements in that area, so what happened? When Radagast is looked for no one is living there. We have those bare bones to work with, and the book will flesh these out into a playable campaign.

The team have been looking for areas like this where there are big stories in which players can make a real difference without treading on the toes of canon.

The core releases that give you a huge chunk of setting and extra cultures: second will be west of the Misty Mountains, third will be Rohan and Gondor.
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